The Top 10 Fiverr Gigs to Kickstart Your Online Business

If you’ve never heard of the website then there’s a good chance you’ve been living under a rock for the past 4 years.  Founded in 2009 as a freelance online market place for which small services can be bought and sold at a price point of $5, the platform has since continued to grow and grow. There seems to be no shortage of people prepared to work for $5 and understandably the quality of work varies drastically. I like to think of fiverr as a bit of a car boot sale. For the most part all your find is junk but every now and again, if you know what you’re looking for, you will find a hidden gem. Keeping that in mind, here are my top 10 fiverr gigs to help kickstart your online business.

1. Logo Design

Your businesses logo is likely to be the first thing that visitors to your website see and first impressions are very important. Does this mean you should pay top dollar for someone to design it for you? Maybe. But I’ve had some great logos designed through fiverr.

As a rule of thumb any logo design with an expected delivery of 24 hours are going to be toilet. But there’s a reason why some fiverr designers are so popular and have such long wait times. They’re GOOD!

Top 10 Fiver Gigs - Logo and Graphic Design

When requesting a logo design it also helps to have an idea of what you want. The best sellers will offer revisions and source files – though sometimes for an additional fee.

2. Graphic Design

Whilst you continue to create content, at some point it is likely that you will need to illustrate a point through use of a graphic. Fortunately hordes of designers are queuing up to be that somebody who creates this for you.

Find somebody you like working with who has relatively fast turnaround times and stick with them. Keeping a consistent and familiar style to your posts will help maintain your readership.

3. WordPress Troubleshooting

Many of us who use WordPress as the foundation of our websites actually have very little coding knowledge. This often means that attempting to solve issues – particularly style or design problems – can be an extremely frustrating experience.

Top 10 Fiver Gigs - WordPress Troubleshooting

If you’ve been banging your head agains the wall for a while now and can’t get the answers you need from online forums then a $5 investment may be all that’s needed to stop you throwing your toys out the pram.

4. Article Writing

Have you got something to say but don’t have time to write it yourself? No problem. Get someone to write it for you. Generally speaking, for ar real quality piece of work you are better of looking at one of the dedicated freelance article writing sites but there are some equally good writers on fiverr so long as you’re not looking for a 1000 word masterpiece. Make sure you run any work through CopyScape to make sure it hasn’t been plagiarised.

5. Virtual Assistants

If you have a straight forward task to undertake that you know is going to eat up a lot of your valuable time then you could take on a virtual assistant. Whether it’s data entry, research, pulling out mailing or email addresses from a database of information or anything really that needs doing but doesn’t need your personal care and attention you can find somebody on fiverr to do it. For best results look for people who specialise in the kind of job you want fulfilling.

6. Voiceovers

Screencasts and instructional videos have become a popular way of sharing information nowadays. Where you’re for whatever reason keen to protect your anonymity, don’t like the sound of your own voice or think that a different accent would be beneficial to your campaign then you’ll be pleased to find that there are no shortage of voiceover artists who would love to take on your project.

7. Transcriptions

Whether you’re interviewing leading industry figures or creating information videos, the fact of the matter is that not everybody likes or will have time to listen to your audio recordings and watch your videos. To fix this, offer them a text based document that they can skim through or more easily digest over a period of time.

Top 10 Fiver Gigs - Transcriptions

Why though take on the laborious transcription yourself if somebody else wants to do it for $5?

8. Viral Videos

Video marketing is all the rage nowadays and if you can create video or have a video made for you that has potential to go viral then it could mean big business. There are many $5 gigs from people offering to do weird and wacky things that might spark a bit of attention. Alternatively, if you can come up with a concept but need a body to act out your vision then you’re in luck. It would seem fiverr folk have no shame.

9. Followers & Likes

So this is going to be somewhat controversial I imagine but I truly believe that there is some benefit to jumpstarting your follower and/or like counts when your business is just starting out. Don’t go crazy though – I’m talking a couple of hundred as opposed to tens of thousands.

Top 10 Fiver Gigs - Get Facebook Likes!

When you’re a new body online it can be difficult to convince people that you’re worthy of their attention. People however are a little bit like sheep in the online world and have a tendency to embrace herd like mentality. Writing quality content whilst backed up by a strong looking like or follower count implies authority which will accelerate real likes and follows.

10. Backlinks

Now before you close this page in disgust at the ludicrousy of my suggestion to buy backlinks in an effort to help search engine optimise your businesses website, hear me out a second:


99% of backlink services being offered on fiverr are complete and utter trash. There are however a few great opportunities to purchase solid backlinks from high page ranked legitimate websites. These can be of particular interest if such sites tie in with your niche. I’m talking one or two links at a time here. No more.


So whilst it is really a case of you get what you pay for with the majority of services on offer, I hope my top 10 fiverr gigs recommendations that can help kickstart your online business provide food for thought on a few ways that you can make this extortionately cheap online market place work for you. There’s gold waiting to be found out there. You just have to start digging.

How do you feel about $5 services? Do you agree with my top 10 fiverr gigs?

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  1. Nina Bagnall says

    I used what was the best Facebook Like chappy on fiverr, only to find that most if not all the people were from Bangladesh.
    Now my facebook business is online nutrition consultations. Therefore you can see how perplexed I was, because with all due respect, these individuals will not want to lose weight, or have the money for consultations.
    To put it into context with Fiverr, other gigs, such as creating a fabulous cover photo for my facebook page, was brilliant and another gave my profile picture a different backdrop.
    Video testimonials have also been worthwhile………………

  2. sam says

    yeah fiverr is awesome. I am using it and got sales. I just started using it 2 months before.